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Briton Michael Sandford jailed over plan to shoot Donald Trump
Twenty-year-old jailed for 12 months by Las Vegas court for trying to grab police officers gun at Trump rally A 20-year-old Briton has been jailed for 12 [...]
Shared Culture May Be Altering DNA, With Implications For Health
Scientists have found that culture may be leaving a heritable print on DNA. Separate from an ethnic group's genetic ancestry, these epigenetic signatures [...]
To The Politicians Who Voted To Kill Me
Late at night, while most of us were sleeping, the Senate voted to kill me. Im sure that some of you will call me dramatic and say that Im exaggerating. [...]
Me and my penis: 100 men reveal all
From the sex addict to the vicar, men open up about their manhood Every one of Laura Dodsworths penises is unique: introvert and extrovert, straight and [...]
New Genetic Discovery May Explain Why Some People With Crohn’s Disease Suffer More
More than half a million people in the U.S. suffer from Crohns disease, according to recent estimates, but their experiences with the chronic illness can [...]
Sylvia Keays
Actor Bares Her Scars of Lifesaving Surgery
Actor bares her scars of lifesaving surgery to remove large intestine and speaks out on Crohn’s disease Rebecca Franks, Southern Courier AFTER a holiday in [...]
The Story Of 2 Families And The Real-life Impact of Obamacare Repeal
narrative, the Affordable Care Act imposed regulations that made insurance more expensive for families like the Gibbses and then it spent a bunch of [...]
Video: Living, Eating with Crohn’s Disease
Video: Living, eating with Crohn's disease
Pete Davidson Of ‘SNL’ Says He’s Off Drugs And ‘Happy’
Saturday Night Live trouper Pete Davidson declared Monday that he has quit drugs and urged fans to never give up hope. Just wanted to let you guys know [...]
These pre-existing conditions wouldn’t be protected by new US healthcare bill
Pregnancy, C-sections or treatment for sexual assault could be used by insurers to inflate premiums if bill stays in current form, experts warn Health [...]
What’s Hidden Under This Man’s Clothes Is Shocking — You’d Never Expect It
Ste Walker looks like any ordinary 24-year-old man. He works a normal job in Halifax, England, he eats at restaurants, he goes on dates -- all normal [...]
Medical Marijuanas Catch-22
When medical marijuana is legal statewide but illegal under federal law, things get tricky for patients. With 71 interior Border Patrol checkpoints33 of [...]
An Open Letter To Jeff Sessions From A Doctor Whose Patients Rely On Medical Marijuana
Dear Sen. Sessions, This, unlike almost everything else, is not a partisan issue. There are many Republicans, like Dana Rohrabacher (California), who [...]
My 12-Year-Old Sons Life Depends On Good Health Coverage. What Happens When Its Taken Away?
My son is 12. He has large inquisitive eyes, rosy red cheeks, a smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose, and a contagious, hysterical laugh. [...]
This cancer patient says dealing with his insurance is ‘worse than chemo’
For nearly half of his life, Aaron Bramley has battled life-threatening illnesses. His adult life has been punctuated by doctors appointments, diagnoses, [...]
Can the cold make you stronger?
Wim Hof claims that a regime of cold baths and breathing techniques will stave off the flu and boost your immune system Cold showers are commonly [...]