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Aimee Rouski
This Amazing Teen With Crohns Disease Is Educating the Internet About Invisible Illnesses
2 Rouski recently postedthree powerful photos on that have gone viral for a very important reason to show that not all illnesses and disabilities are [...]
This Store Is Being Praised For Making ONE Small Change To Their Disabled Bathrooms
There are numerous examples of disabilities that aren’t necessarily visible to the public eye and those people have been called out for using a [...]
They Said He Didnt Look Disabled, So This Man Showed Them the Reality of Crohns Disease
For some reason, random strangers sometimes get the urge to make assumptions out loud about other random strangers. And no assumption is more frustrating [...]
11-Year-Old Girl Writes Santa A Heartbreaking Note About Her Mother
In my mind, most people are naturally kind, empathetic, and compassionate. Most of us want to do something to help those who are in need, or those who are [...]