People Are in Shock When This Little Man in Black Pops Up from Behind the Cash Register to Do THIS

February 14, 2017 - crohns
People Are in Shock When This Little Man in Black Pops Up from Behind the Cash Register to Do THIS

They can hardly believe their eyes!

Little Jerry Hatcher Jr. peeled his eyes open at the crack of dawn on Christmas Eve and hopped right into his best suit.

No, he wasn’t getting all snazzed up in early eager anticipation for Santa or even getting ready for church with the family. He had different plans.

Jerry saved up his money all year just so he could make the holidays a little bit merrier for others.

For the last 3 years, his mom and dad have been taking him to the local hospital with his year’s worth of savings so that he could pop up unexpectedly from behind theircafeteria cash register and pay for people’s meals.

On their Facebook page, Children’s Hospital of Atlanta wrote, “While most of us were still asleep this morning, Jerry Hatcher, Jr., woke up before dawn and put on his dress clothes. At his request and for the third year in a row, his parents drove him to one of our hospitals. With a wad of cashmoney hed been earning and saving all year longtucked in his pocket, he headed toward the cafeteria. This boy, in his finest black suit, was on a mission. A mission to bring cheer to families with sick children. After almost losing his little brother to illness, Jerry Jr. knows what it’s like for families to live in our hospitals. So he hid behind our cash registers and each time a patients family member grabbed their wallet, he jumped out, pulled cash from his pocket and wished them a merry Christmas. Many hugs and happy tears ensued. Theres no doubt the spirit of the season found us today.”

And their reactions are simply remarkable.

From shock…

…to tears

…to warm hugs

This little guy sure spread Christmas cheer that is bound to last all through the year.

As I walked up in the line, and this young man surprised me, my heart melted! He truly has a servants heart that God has given him, said Kristi Elliot, one of the recipients of his random acts of kindness.

Having a child with special needs and then a child that has Crohns disease, we have visited this hospital several times and had several stays here. Most kids would have taken their money to buy games and things for themselves when they already have plenty, not this young man. His stores rich and truly knows what life is about. God will bless you!

He knew what it was like to spend day and night in a hospital, so now that his family was free from that drudgery, he wanted to bring a little joy to those who were still in the battle. He knows he can’t cure cancer or Crohn’s, but he can sure bring a smile. And what better way to do it?!

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