What’s Hidden Under This Man’s Clothes Is Shocking — You’d Never Expect It

February 16, 2017 - Crohns
What’s Hidden Under This Man’s Clothes Is Shocking — You’d Never Expect It

Ste Walker looks like any ordinary 24-year-old man. He works a normal job in Halifax, England, he eats at restaurants, he goes on dates -- all normal 24-year-old guy stuff. But looks can be extremely deceiving.

Walker actually suffers from Crohn's disease. The condition is chronic, and it negatively impacts thousands of people's lives worldwide. On the surface, he looks like a regular guy, so people give him a hard time when he uses handicapped parking spaces and toilet stalls. He understands why people get upset, which is why he decided to let everyone in on the pain that has to deal with every day.

Ste Walker posted some photos on Facebook to show people that those suffering with Crohn's disease often look totally normal on the outside.

What's going on below the surface, however, is something much more debilitating.

Underneath his clothes, things are far from pleasant. He's forced to endure endless pain just to keep his basic bodily functions on track.

He wears a Hickman line, which is a silicone tube that allows medicine and lubricant to be administered to his body because his stomach doesn't function properly. He also wears an ileostomy bag, which serves as a secondary bowel.

His Ryhlls tube -- which enters his abdomen through his nose -- helps his stomach drain properly. Aside from all of that, he takes multiple medications every day to help regulate liver and kidney function.

(via IFL Science)

The point of Ste Walker's Facebook project is to let people know that they shouldn't be so quick to judge people who don't appear to be handicapped or unhealthy on the surface. Some are forced to endure suffering that's invisible to everyone else.

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